Certified Inception Point Therapy® Practitioner
Akashic Records & Emotion Code Practitioner


Breaking Loops

When we look back on our lives most of us can see patterns.  We constantly seem to choose the wrong partner, our businesses never seem to get off the ground, we struggle and get stressed out with the same issue over and over. 

So how do we go about breaking the pattern or loop that keeps the same things happening?  I find the Akashic Records to be very good at helping us to see these patterns.  And Inception Point Therapy can go back to the origin of the pattern – Ancestral, Past Life, In Utero, and Current Life and ask Source Energy to Release the old emotions that are keeping us stuck and down load Resources that support our growth. 

When we change the energy around something it makes it easier to change what we are doing.  However, that said, we still need to do our part and make healthy choices. 

Re Writing Our Childhood

Most of us have had some event in our childhood that was painful for us. Occasionally when I’m working with someone it comes through from their Akashic Records for them to rewrite their childhood or another part of their lives. 

This usually happens after we have asked Divine Source Energy (God) to release old emotions around the event and download resources to support them.  I think the power of rewriting an event is that it allows our subconscious to experience a positive outcome.

Take for instance a childhood of feeling abandoned.  What new scenario would you write?  How would you interact with family members as a child in this new scenario?  I encourage clients to have fun with it and expand as much as possible into this new, improved life they imagine for themselves.  Feeling that we are loved, cherished, and provided for can be life changing. 

Inception Point Therapy®

It’s an amazing thing when we can step back and witness our healing. I can see for myself over the past two years of releasing trapped emotions and replacing them with resources like love, self respect, and esteem how much I’ve grown and healed.

One thing I’ve learned is that we raise our own vibration when we help others to raise theirs. I think it’s one of the fastest ways to become more expanded in love. Give it a try. Sit quietly and offer prayers, blessings, healing energy towards others. You not only help them, you help yourself as well.