Certified Inception Point Therapy® Practitioner
Akashic Records & Emotion Code Practitioner


My time spent with Gayle Ray has been life changing. She is a kind, grounded, compassionate and gifted healer who creates a safe space for self -exploration and healing. My work with Gayle has had a profoundly positive effect on my life. I’m very grateful for this work and highly recommend her.”- Sharon Zellman, NC



After smoking for 40 years, numerous attempts at quitting were unsuccessful. With several sessions of working in my Akashic Records, facilitated by Gayle Ray, I have not had a cigarette since.”- LJ Black Mountain, NC



I want to thank you for a great session. It was very revealing and I easily got to place within that I so enjoy. I got relief from the anxiety knot in my stomach that I wake with every morning. As we worked with Source to find out the time in my life when this started, then we released the emotions and traumas associated with it. I also felt several sensations in my heart and head that I knew where beneficial. Then Gayle guided me through to the future with positive replacements. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks so much, Gayle, I look forward to working with you again. RC


I just want to thank you for the powerfully transformative energy work you did with me regarding doership, and feelings of unworthiness.

By carefully identifying the point of inception-the age at which a problematic (untruth) about myself & life began, and the likely ‘event’ during that age which prompted the false response, and then guiding me to invite Source ( Great Spirit, Universal Consciousness, God) to infuse/introduce specific healing energies, (‘divine virtues’) into the situation, you had me repair & recreate my life path from there forward regarding those issues. 

As a direct result of your work, I experienced a truly miraculous outcome. For the first time since separating from my ex-spouse over 30 years ago,  I felt clear, self-assured, grounded when speaking with him.  For the first time I was in an open, clear, calm space.  The slate was clean.  And that space held: even though challenged, I continue to believe in my own goodness as it relates to him, as well as his.  I feel free and light.  It is a great feeling a new way of being with him! 
It is an incredible gift, a powerful healing of our relationship – gentle, full of love & compassion.  I am deeply grateful to Source that the time finally arrived for this healing to occur and that through you & this process it’s happening. Thank you for introducing me to this gentle loving powerful work.  For this great healing I am forever grateful. – 
K from Atlanta


I look forward to learning more and experiencing the meditation. I also want to thank you for all the time, energy, guidance and encouragement you gave me during my session. I feel renewed and freer from some longstanding issues/emotions. I am optimistic about becoming the healer I would like to be and having a more confident connection to Source.  I am grateful to you for sharing with me the techniques you use and your experiences on your journey as a healer. So happy Mary recommended you to me. I will let you know how the meditation goes for me. 
Heartfelt gratitude and many blessings to you, A


I want to take a moment to thank you again for the session today. I feel so light and clear and happy. I drummed after our conversation and had a “relationship” with my instruments and my “voice” that was magical. It felt easy and I felt focused. Those are two qualities that don’t often tumble out of my mouth regarding anything I do.

From the day we met, you have been gracious and generous with your time and talent. Today was no different. I have benefited greatly from our connection. What I am probably most inspired by is your humble confidence. You are so clear that what you have to offer is valuable and you offer it with so much clarity that it puts another (I speak for others I am sure) immediately at ease…in surrender. I believe that your work with people in transition is a major gift to their ability to let go peacefully. I aspire to that level of clarity.

Thank you for all that you do and accept “Source” to do through you. I appreciate you. – Angelia N., Asheville


Thank you so much for a wonderful session yesterday.  It felt so profound, complete and
gentle and I also felt very safe in your care.  I was amazed about the ‘back door’ reference and know that this had my ‘name’ on it! – KM, Asheville