Certified Inception Point Therapy® Practitioner
Akashic Records & Emotion Code Practitioner


Gayle-from-wedding croppedI have several passions in life – healing work, painting, and jewelry making. They go hand in hand for I find when I work with others to support their healing and expansion I am creating, and when I create paintings and jewelry I am offering healing energy to others. I think the most important thing we can do in life is to connect to the Divine and let our actions, thoughts, and words come from that place. When I work with others to support their healing and expansion or create paintings and jewelry, I do so by connecting and letting the Divine guide my work. Some of the modalities I use in healing work are  Inception Point Therapy®, Akashic Records, Emotion Code, Guided Meditation, and Reiki. It is a joy to help people let go of habits that do not serve them, create relationships that are loving and supportive, and most of all, learn to love themselves and others just as they are. I feel blessed to live in the Mountains of North Carolina and enjoy nature in all her many forms. She constantly inspires my paintings and jewelry and gives peace to my inner domain.