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Inception Point Therapy®

universes-for-web-copyWhat is Inception Point Therapy®?

Inception Point Therapy® is a healing process based on the following principles:

  • There is one ever-present, ever-abundant, and creative source of energy
  • This energy can be directed, changed, and utilized for the purposes of transformation and manifestation
  • An individual, once attuned to this energy, will vastly improve their intuition and accelerate their own growth and healing

There are only 3 major barriers to happiness, health, and success- destructive emotions, limiting beliefs, and karma. Changing these conditions is possible because they are impermanent and mutable energies. Within the Source Field, these mutable energies can be instantly changed.

This healing process does use the benevolent energy of Source (God, All That Is, I Am, The Field) that is compatible with your sensitive empathic body to effect the healing that you desire in your life – emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Suffering is optional.

Everyone knows that pain is part of being human. However, suffering is only one response. Because we co-create our lives, we can consciously choose to live with joy and freedom. The question is how?

We can use Inception Point Therapy® as an energetic healing tool for clearing the past and creating a desirable future. Unlike most healing systems in existence, this gentle and safe method is guided by Source and supported by research.

IPT is particularly beneficial for those of you going through transition- in relationship, career, and health. By clearing issues from the past, any present or future decisions you make will be guided by truth and clarity, and you’ll avoid making the same mistakes time and again. So if you’re ready to create conscious, loving relationships, a fulfilling and aligned career, and greater comfort in your physical body, maybe it’s time to explore Inception Point Therapy®.

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