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Chakra Necklaces

Chakra Necklaces Created For You

Chakras are spinning wheels of energy within the body. Seven mahor Chakras run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. When these Chakras are open with energy flowing through them, we feel balanced and in alignment with our greatest good.

Semiprecious stones have vital energies in them that support the Chakras to be open and help individuals achieve a state of inner calm and peace. The necklaces are created with the intention of supporting and enhancing the body, mind and spirit. Each necklace is infused with reiki healing energy and blessings.

I work by phone or in person with people to test their chakras to see which are out of balance and create a grouping of stones on a necklace to support overall balance, harmony and health.


30 min consultation plus necklace on sterling silver chain with three stones: $125.oo

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