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Reiki at the VA Hospital

veterans reikiMy friend, Linda Jonigan, and I are talking to the Charles George VA Hospital here in Asheville about starting a Reiki volunteer program there. Given that Reiki can help alleviate pain and anxiety and bring about a greater state of peace, we feel it would be very beneficial to patients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

It would also be beneficial if Vets could receive Reiki before surgery and after as it helps balance the body’s energy and helps with healing from the operation.

We are currently looking for a Reiki Master that works  at the VA that would be willing to supervise the Reiki Volunteer Program. We think the main job of the VA volunteer would be to make sure Reiki is being correctly administered according to Reiki certification guidelines. We would come in under the Volunteer Program at the VA and be supervised and scheduled by them.

Hartford Hospital has a large Reiki volunteer program that can be used as a model. Linda as a nurse has experience putting procedures in place in hospitals and I have been offering Reiki as a volunteer at Hospice Solace Center here in Asheville as well as maintaining the HeartSong volunteers’ schedule there.

For more info on Reiki at the VA go to: http://www.militarymentalhealth.org/blog/2013/03/ healing-hands-reiki-and-military-stress/